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Select Urgent Care Providers

Select Specialist Providers

Appointment Notifications

Appointment Position

Choose between English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole

Patient Log-in/Registration

Provider Log-in/Registration

"Toggle" over device

*Apple iPhone and Samsung frames are for illustration purposes only.

Step 1.

Have an Apple iPhone/iPad or Android phone or Tablet

Step 2.

Take your device and go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and enter: "WL WELL" in the app search section.   Download it.

Step 3.

After making your language selection at the top, select the proper user button (patient/doctor) and begin your registration. You will encounter your first level of security during pre registration.

Step 4.

Patient users, after registration, can select a corresponding provider from the state where they are "currently located." Provider registrants must await verification and completion of the onboarding process.

Step 5.

Patient-users can select amongst a list of urgent care doctors and advanced practicing registered nurse practitioners for a whole host of nonEmergency urgent care needs or a licensed mental health counselor for a private therapy session.

Benefits of using WL WELL APP

  • See a doctor from the safety of your home,

  • Be seen faster by a provider,

  • HIPAA compliant,

  • Cost from $69 (Avg urgent care visit between $150-$300)

  • Get your prescriptions quickly,

  • NO Memberships or Insurance needed

    • Avg. Urgent Care Telehealth visit with insurance is between $75-$99.​ (Still more than WL WELL)

*WL WELL is user-friendly. Even the least technologically literate person can navigate their way to care in less than 3 minutes. Adult children worried about their parents will have no concerns about their parents using WL WELL for their Urgent Care needs. 

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