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Provider Eligibility

WL WELL onboards the following credentialed professionals to become providers for WL WELL VHS:

Medical Doctors (MD)

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

Advanced Practicing Registered Nurses (APRN)

   Incl. Certified Nursing Specialists

Certified Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)

Certified Mental Health Counselors (LMHC)

   (or any Certified State Credentialing Equivalent)

*Must be Board Certified in your State

**Must be practicing for at least one (1) year

***Must have an active DEA number and able to prescribe non opioid medications

Small and Medium Offices

using WL WELL as their after-hours platform or as their video triage will undergo the same verification process. However, supervising personnel will still need to submit their credentials and undergo the same onboarding process.

Providers with licensure in multiple states are eligible to receive patients/users from all states where they are licensed. However, DEA registration must be listed on state license to receive patients from that state.

*Verification process takes approximately 24 hours, with most completed within hours.

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A large number of our users will come from diverse BIPOC backgrounds. In fact, a major reason we created WL WELL VHS was because of decades old inequalities propounded upon these communities. 

If you as a medical services provider have any issue with treating Black, Indigenous, Afro-Latino, Central American, East Asian, South Asian, Haitian, Spanish Speakers, Gay, Trans, Arab, or any person from noticeably different religious or ethnic backgrounds from your own, we ask that you not seek to become a provider with WL WELL VHS.

If you hold ANY belief system that gets in the way of who you treat and how you treat patients, we ask that you not apply. Although we directly market to BIPOC communities, we do this so that these communities feel welcomed and not rejected. WL WELL VHS is available and welcomes ALL communities. We are dedicated to bringing virtual healthcare services to communities where traditional services are withheld. And we hope you will be a part of that mission.

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