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WL WELL VHS delivers live video Doctor visits with a Board Certified Medical Professional, 24/7 to your smartphone, tablet, or compatible computer.

Mobile devices today and can be used for almost anything, including receiving immediate, necessary, an often out-of-reach healthcare services. WL WELL VHS (Virtual Healthcare Services) is different in that we are on a mission to turn your smartphone into its own "Virtual Hospital;" providing not only urgent care, specialist care, and mental health counseling, but mental health emergency response services.

Decades long healthcare deterioration and disparities in the United States have made access to healthcare difficult for many. WL WELL VHS is dedicated to reversing this reality by providing a virtual healthcare solution for intercity, urban, suburban, and rural communities.  WL WELL VHS is here for ALL!


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Your address should not determine your access to healthcare 

What are BIPOC Communities and their connection to healthcare inequalities?

COVID19 has exposed the decades long inequalities in American healthcare. This inequality is the direct result of medical and healthcare racism. WL WELL as a company and mobile platform expresses an explicit goal to alleviate this problem by connecting healthcare and wellness professionals with cultural competency to our users. 

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WL WELL VHS is a Virtual Healthcare Services platform from WL WELL, LLC., developed by Watson Leigh Law & Technology. Our mission is to eradicate healthcare disparities that exists in the United States. We do this by providing mobile healthcare options with an emphasis on assisting BIPOC and Rural Communities.

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         However, in September 2021, WL WELL VHS launched the EMERGENCY SERVICES BEACON (ESB) system: the alt-police service request and response system for Mental Health related emergencies. Located on the WL WELL VHS home screen, the ESB system enables service recipient users and/or their loved ones to connect with a Mental Health Emergency Service Provider(s) in their area directly; bypassing disastrous 911 calls which often ends in the deaths of persons diagnosed and undiagnosed with mental illnesses. 

         Now, since March 20, 2022, WL WELL is proud to have developed a '988' system that is compatible with our ESB system treating mental health emergencies as medical emergencies. And just in time for the July 2022 deadline for having these systems operational nationwide. The 988 dispatch system along with our ESB system combines smoothly into what we call the Connected Care Cooperative plan.

         The Connected Care Cooperative is a City (County or State)- supported plan to connect all participating local medical services providers under a single mobile platform. Therefore, all local residents have access to (i) virtual urgent care; (ii) mental healthcare; or (iii) in some cases, specialist care before the need to visit an ER or an Urgent Care facility. Because the real issue is "ACCESS." And because it is tied to a community or municipality, residents are more likely to use it. Local communities are happier and healthier.

         In October 2020, the National Suicide Hotline Designation Act of 2020 [S.2661] went into effect. This bill formally assigned '988' as the National Mental Health (suicide) assistance number. Similar to '911' Americans have been using for decades, the 988 system is locally managed and integrated into State and Local emergency dispatch systems. But like MOST things, the wheels of government grind slowly, and municipalities have until July 2022 to implement and launch their 988 systems. MOST are terribly behind schedule.