Florida COVID19 Vaccination Eligibility

         Florida is now allowing residents under 50 years old to take one of the now three (3) COVID19 vaccines with a "high vulnerability" affidavit, signed by a physician. 

         WL WELL understands that many people under 50 have no primary care physician. Many want to take a Vaccine and fit within the "Extreme Vulnerability" category, but cannot get a timely appointment for a physician evaluation. Therefore, WL WELL is making receiving an evaluation simple and convenient.

1. Download WL WELL from the App or Play Stores.

3. After completing your vulnerability form, and while completing your Patient information screen in the App, submit your completed form for your selected provider

4. Complete your provider selection and continue on to your video consultation/appointment. Your provider, if you meet eligibility, will complete your form and send it back to you finalized.

A determination of "extremely vulnerable" is based upon your private disclosures to your selected medical services provider. Typical conditions include (but not limited to): obesity, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, or members of a racial minority groups likely to be or have been subject to historical medical discrimination. ~ CDC interim guidance for determination February 27, 2021

Download Form Here

Let us show you how:

EO-21-47-Form Florida-1.png
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2. Download the COVID19 Determination of Extreme Vulnerability form from Here.

Please have your Form filled out completely as WL WELL providers WILL NOT complete them for you. (sorry)

*This is exclusive to Florida. We will have other states available here at a later date.